Tổng hợp các lợi ích của Online/Digital Marketing đối với một doanh nghiệp

Mình làm online cũng đã khá lâu, đương nhiên đây là câu hỏi hay được (hoặc là bị :D) hỏi nhất. Thế nên quyết định làm một bài tổng hợp lại kiến thức (cơ bản) này để mọi người tham khảo. Xin được nói rõ các phần trình bày ở dưới được copy từ trên mạng, mình chỉ dựa vào kinh nghiệm để tổng hợp và edit lại những gì mình thấy cô đọng nhất mà thôi.

Marketing Online Benefit #1:  Customer Relationship Building: 

Companies can interact with customers to learn more about their needs.

Marketing Online Benefit #2:  Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency:

Avoid the expense of maintaining a physical store, costs of rent, insurance, and utilities. Digital catalogs cost less to produce than printing and mailing paper catalogs.

Staffing costs: Fewer staff are needed online then in the high street thus reducing costs.
Premises: The company will not need retail outlet just a centralised office and possibly warehouse space, saving on potential retail costs.
Disintermediation: The channel of distribution is shorter online as the consumer has the opportunity to buy directly like with Dell. As one of the intermediaries is cut out this process is known as disintermediation.
Financial management: As consumers pay for the product before it is dispatched, this improves the cash flow for the company, making sure for the firm that they can pay their suppliers and other costs on time.

Marketing Online Benefit #3Data collection

Everytime a customer transacts with the company online, that transaction is captured. The firm can use this data in a number of ways. Firstly information can be analysed to find out most popular products/services sold. Secondly the data can be used to assist in segmenting their customers, profiling them and sending customers promotional material based on past buying habits.

There has been much controversy over the amount of information that is being collected online by various companies in particular social networking sites and whether customers should be able to opt out of that information being shared to third party users.

Marketing Online Benefit #4: Competitor analysis

The internet allows businesses to analyse their competitor’s online strategy. A firm can keep abreast of new products that are released, react to price changes, or use the internet to discover secondary data on their competitors. The internet allows a firm to react quickly to a change in their competitors strategy, and try to provide a service that allows them to match or beat their competitors.


Nhân tin nhc li luôn các li đim ca online marketing so vi các kênh marketing khác:

Marketing Online Adv #1 – You can make changes on the fly.

One benefit of marketing online versus offline marketing such as placing traditional advertisements in magazines, newspapers or on television is that you can change them on the fly. By monitoring and tracking how your advertisements and marketing efforts are doing you can make the decision to change a graphic or wording and do it without any problems. This is not the case with traditional marketing and advertising.
Marketing Online Adv #2 – You can track real-time results.

Marketing online allows you to track real-time results using online analytics to make a determination on how your marketing campaign is performing. There are ways to track traditional marketing efforts, but most the time it cannot be done in real-time. This can mean success or failure to your campaign.
Marketing Online Adv#3 – You can target specific demographics in your advertising. 

Marketing online allows you to target specific demographics such as gender, age and location. You can even target specific income levels, education levels and occupation. You can do this in traditional marketing, but it’s not as easy and is often a guessing game.
Marketing Online Adv #4 – Variety of methods in marketing online including email, audio, video, blog, social media and newsletters.

There are so many options when marketing online. You can use audio, video, blogging, email, social media and ongoing newsletters. If you were to do the same thing in traditional marketing you would need to select several media outlets to cover your bases, not so when it comes to marketing online.

Marketing Online Adv #5 – Instant Conversion Ability

When you market online you have the ability to convert a customer instantaneously. This is not the case when evaluating marketing options in traditional media such as magazine ads, newspapers or television. When you are marketing online you cannot only capture a potential customer’s information, but you can capture a sale instantaneously by a few clicks of a mouse, when it comes to offline marketing it takes more time to convert a customer into a sale not to mention the person power it often requires.